Improv Workshops

Improv legend Susan Messing, founding member of Annoyance Theater, and renowned for her work at Second City and iO (improv Olympics) is coming to Berlin to give a workshop on Monologues Sunday, Dec 10, 3 to 5:30 PM.

It will be taught together with John Lehr, a pioneer in bringing improv techniques to TV productions. He co-created, wrote, produced, starred in "10 Items or Less", on TBS and on Hulu's original comedy western "Quickdraw."

The cost is 50 Euro.

Save your spot here:

Illustration by Tineke Noppers

It Could Be Funny

Truthy Improv Comedy Show and Jam

Every other Friday at Fincan, a community-run cafe in Neukölln, we host one or two improv teams, followed by an open jam.

We aim to make a warm and inviting environment for all kinds of adults to be silly together. In English.

Donations accepted for the space.

Show starts at 9 pm.

Altenbraker Str 26

a 2-minute walk to U8 and Ringbahn

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Vegan dinner

There is also a vegan dinner, available for donation, starting at 7:30 pm. 3-10 Euro

Performer Photos

Two-prov version of "Haircut"
Geoff even did a one-person improv set.
New people who have never tried improv before had a great time.
The jam can get wild.