Sample footage of performance recordings in Berlin

Video artist and performance recordist with 15 years experience in video production. Based in Berlin, curating, producing, directing, shooting, and editing the “Forest Sessions” series. Dylan is currently focused on the multimedia performance video-work, "Walks in Berlin: a polyphonic city."

Dylan is also available for hire for artistic performance recordings. Get in touch below to discuss.

Cinema Production B.S.



Freelance Videography


Fulbright-Nehru Creative Arts Scholar

Forest Sessions

Forest Sessions is a collaboration between Dylan and musicians and dancers in Berlin within the forests of Berlin. The series encourages close listening/looking and slowing down.

You can watch full sessions at live performance screenings, which also feature local musicians playing live.

Video Artist and Performance Recordist

Dylan Lee Lowry is a video artist and performance recordist with a passion for experimental collaborations. They make high-quality, dynamic audio and video recordings of live performances in Berlin.

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